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What are Digital lenses?

Digital lenses are made using Digital technology with digital machinery. High-definition lenses are designed to supply sharper and clearer vision in all conditions. The high-definition eyeglass lenses are also called free-form lenses. The term “free-form” refers to an advanced manufacturing process.

The process is based on a digital scanning of every individual eyes. The lenses are customized exactly for your eyes. Digital lens technology, are one of the most important revolution and transformation in prescription eyeglasses.

Digital Lenses practically are six times clearer than old non digital lenses. The production of the lenses is optimized with computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is much more precise than ordinary and traditional tools.

Digital lenses are the best solution to reduce distortion in curved frames. Digital lenses intensify and increase night time and peripheral vision. Issues such as eye strain, headaches, and dizziness can all be lowered to a minimum with digital lenses. People with high prescription needs and astigmatism can also be dispensed with high definition lenses technology.

With digital lenses, patient are less restricted when choosing frame or sunglasses. Therefore, high definition lens technology provides and extends both fashion and function needs. Not only digital prescription lenses are accurate and meticulous, but they also have less distortion on the sides of the lens.

Digital lenses also have the benefit of being individually modify and adjust to suit every patient’s unique needs.  Optician or eye doctor will take accurate measurements to customize a lens for every individual unique prescription.

At Eyes on Eyes Optical, we only dispense high quality digital lenses like Nikon, Hoya, Ziess,….

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