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Glasses can accumulate dirt, smudges and dust throughout the day. Regardless of how often you use your glasses, is important be proactive in order to keep them clean and to protect the lenses.

How to Clean Your Glasses

Before you start handling and cleaning your glasses, make sure to properly clean your hands in order to get rid of dirt, grime, and oils. Next, you must rinse the lenses with lukewarm water. Remember to not use hot water or any chemicals as this will cause the coatings of the lenses to dissipate over time. The safest solution to clean your lenses with is the spray cleaner that came with your glasses. You can also use a drop of liquid dish soap on your fingers to gently rub away the buildup on your lenses. Ensure you also wash the nose pads and frames with your solution aside from the lenses. Lastly to finish, give the glasses a final rinse in lukewarm water and thoroughly dry them with a lint-free cloth. During the day, make sure you carry a lint free cloth in your eye glasses case in order to touch up your glasses and maintain their cleanliness throughout the day so that you can consistently see clearly.

While cleaning your eye glasses is an easy task, there are a few common mistakes that you should avoid doing while cleaning your glasses.

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Here are a few things that you should avoid:

It might seem more convenient to clean your lenses with the hem of your shirt as needed, but clothing can damage your eye glasses. The small pieces of dust or dirt on your shirt can scratch the lenses. Also, avoid using paper products such as napkins, paper towels or tissues as they carry dust.

Never use harsh cleaning products to clean your lenses as they could deteriorate or damage the coating on the lenses. For example, avoid using products such as ammonia based cleaners, window cleaner, bleach or vinegar. Lastly, if the water you are using to clean your lenses is too hot, it can damage certain types of coatings that have been applied to the lenses.

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