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The top 3 most common types of eye injuries and what to do If they happen to you

1- Corneal abrasion (Scratched Eye)

Some of the frequent causes of corneal abrasions are rubbing your eye with a foreign entity such as sand or dust, and getting poked in the eye. When a corneal abrasion happens, the patient will experience discomfort, redness in the eye, and sensitivity to light.

If suffering from a corneal abrasion or scratched eye, do not rub the eye or patch the eye. Putting an eye patch over the eye may create an ideal environment for fungus and other bacteria to grow, as fungus and bacteria strive and grow in cool, damp and dark places.

Seek professional medical care as soon as possible by going to your optometrist or the emergency room. At our Maple optometrist location, we have optometrist on premises.

2- Foreign Objects and/or Penetration in the eye 

In the case that a foreign object such as shards of metal, or a piece of metal such as a fish hook enter your eye, seek professional medical attention right away. Do not attempt to remove or move the foreign object(s) in your eye under an circumstance as you will most likely cause more harm and damage to your eye.
The eye is a very sensitive area of the body. Cover the eye with an eye shield or you can loosely tape a paper cup over the eye for temporary protection until you reach a medical professional.

3- Chemical Burn in the Eye

Getting splashed in the eye with a liquid other than clean pure water can be frightening. In some circumstances, some substances can cause serious injury or permanent damage to the eye or your vision, while others may burn and sting but ultimately will not cause permanent damage. Depending on the chemical makeup of the substance that has entered your eye, the long term and short term effects can differ.

Acid: If acid has been splashed into your eye, you will experience instant redness and burning but can be washed out pretty easily

Alkali: If splashed in the eye with an alkali substance, you will not feel as much irritation, burning, or redness as an acid, but they are far more dangerous.
Examples of alkali substances are toilet bowl cleaners, chalk dust, and oven cleaners.

Chemical exposure to the eye is usually caused by the chemical being splashed into the eye, rubbing your eye and transferring them chemical
from your hand to your eye, or by getting sprayed in the eye with an aerosol or spray bottle.

If ever splashed in the eye with a chemical, place your head under a stream of lukewarm water and let the water run gently into your eye and down your face for 15 minutes. Ensure you contact an eye care professional as soon as possible or go to an emergency clinic to receive medical attention.

If you have questions, you can talk to our team for recommendations. We sell the best lenses and coatings in our Maple Location. To book an appointment for an eye exam to see an optometrist, call us at 905-832-6262. 

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